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Empowered Group of Ministers (EGoM)

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Empowered Group of Ministers (EGoM) is a Group of Ministers (GoM) of the Union Government who, after being appointed by the Cabinet, a Cabinet Committee or the Prime Minister for investigating and reporting on such matters as may be specified, are also authorised(empowered) by the appointing authority to take decisions in such matters after investigation.

While a GoM investigates and reports to the Cabinet, which takes the decision, an EGoM additionally takes decisions on matters it is authorised for, and such decisions have the force of the Government decision.

Both EGoM as well as the GoM get appointed under the Government of India’s Transaction of Business Rules 1961, which at para 6 (4) provides that ‘Ad hoc Committees of Ministers including Group of Ministers may be appointed by the Cabinet, the Standing Committees of the Cabinet or by the Prime Minister for investigating and reporting to the Cabinet on such matters as may be specified, and, if so authorised by the Cabinet, Standing Committees of the Cabinet or the Prime Minister, for taking decisions on such matters.

Rule 6(6) further provides that ‘any decision taken by a Standing or Ad hoc Committee may be reviewed by the Cabinet’. Therefore decisions in a matter taken by EGoM remain subject to review by the Cabinet at the latter’s discretion.

The list of existing EGoM's may be seen from the website of Cabinet Secretariat.

Latest Status of GoM / EGoM

As part of empowering the Ministries and Departments, the Prime Minister on 31 May 2014 decided to abolish all the existing nine Empowered Group of Ministers (EGoMs) and twenty-one Groups of Ministers (GoMs). This is expected to expedite the process of decision making and usher in greater accountability in the system. The issues pending before the EGoMs and GoMs will be processed by respective Ministries /Departments to take appropriate decisions at the level of Ministries and Departments itself. Wherever the Ministries face any difficulties, the Cabinet Secretariat and the Prime Minister’s Office will facilitate the decision making process.

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