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Basic Port Statistics of India (BPSI)

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The Basic Port Statistics of India is a premier publication which is brought out every year by Transport Research Wing. It intends to provide comprehensive and analytical descriptions of the different facets of the maritime transport activity. It highlights the volume and composition of seaborne trade across the major ports (12) and minor ports (199) of India in the backdrop of global and domestic macro developments. The major ports in India are administered by the central shipping ministry while minor ports are administered by relevant department or ministries of the coastal states.

The latest publication of ‘Basic Port Statistics of India, 2008-09’ provides detailed data spread over three sections, comprising section-I pertaining to Macro Economic Development & Performance of Indian Ports and the section-II deals with Tables on vital port statistics, current port statistics, time series statistics, international port statistics and general statistics and section-III consist of Appendices.

The contents of the latest publication highlighted that India has a coast-line of around 7,517 kms with 12 major ports which handle about 71% of the maritime cargo traffic of the country in 2008-09. Amongst the major ports, Kandla Port accounted for the highest share of 13.6% in the total cargo traffic at all major ports during 2008-09. According to the commodity composition of the total traffic at Indian ports, POL and its product form the single largest commodity, constituting 36.6% of the total seaborne traffic followed by ore (17.3%) and coal (13.2%) in 2008-09.

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