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WPI Food Index

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WPI food index is a new Food price Index launched on 12 May 2017 as part of revised WPI series with base year 2011-12.

WPI food index measures the changes in prices of food items at the level of producers.

The WPI Food index is compiled by taking the aggregate of WPI for “Food Products” under “Manufacture Products” and “Food Articles” under “Primary Article” using weighted arithmetic mean. (Indices for Food Articles and Food Products were being released separately in WPI (2004-05) also. But no separate estimate like WPI food index was being generated then)

Together with the Consumer Food Price Index released by Central Statistics Office, this would help monitor the price situation of food items better.

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website of Office of Economic Adviser .

Press Release of Office of Economic Adviser dated 12 May 2017

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Mr. Anupam Mitra (IES 2003)

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